Custom Home Gym Design and Installation in Austin, TX

Are you looking for a reputable company to help design and install a home gym? You have certainly come to the right place!

We are experts in creating the exact dream you dream of! We can recommend and install the BEST gym equipment in your home. We take care of the rubber flooring installation, wall paint, TV Mounting, Speaker Installation and setup, Equipment Installation, and peace of mind comes standard! We handle everything from start to finish. More information coming soon!

Benefits of a home gym:

  • Cost Savings Over Time
    • Your monthly gym membership adds up to a lot of money throughout the years. Get rid of your monthly gym membership and invest in new gym equipment! Start with the essential equipment and add as you go. You really only need a few essential pieces of equipment to get a solid workout.
  • Work Out on YOUR Schedule
    • Do you work long hours and have only a couple of hours of available time to get to the gym before it closes? Your home gym is open 24/7! Limited gym hours can lead to you missing out on workouts and this is counterproductive to anyone looking to get gains in the gym. What is better than hopping out of bed, drinking a preworkout and walking 10 steps to your gym? The answer is NOTHING.
  • Eliminate Gym-timidation
    • Have you ever been in the gym and worried that you’re constantly being judged and critiqued by hard-core gym goers? Work out without ever worrying about other people again with a home gym. Need a spotter? Invite a workout buddy over to help.
  • Create the Perfect Workout Environment
    • Your home gym can be created to your exact liking. You can paint the walls any color you’d like. You can actually watch what you want on TV, or listen to your favorite workout music at any volume you like. Having your home gym created around your custom specifications means you will be far more likely to succeed! Your custom home gym provides the ULTIMATE motivation.