Custom Steam Rooms in Austin, TX

Upgrade you shower experience by adding STEAM. We can add steam to most existing showers. Building ground up? Bring us in and we can add steam (and digital showering) to your new home. We are experts on the steam products including installation and service.

KEEP IN MIND: When budgeting for a steam shower please remember that labor is only one component of the project. You must consider the cost of the steam generator, steam head and control when budgeting.

Projects typically include plumbing for new steam, electrical to steam unit, tile on ceiling, glass to ceiling, minor sheetrock repairs, and cutting into existing tile to add steamhead.

The cost of your steam generator will depend on the size of your shower. The larger the shower – the larger the unit – and price increases with size. We are happy to install a unit that you’ve already purchased or we can build the price in to the project cost.

Steam showers have many benefits including:

– Stress reduction

– Decreases blood pressure

– Assists in recovering from workouts

– Benefits to cardiovascular health